Aside from the Garage Girls' projects, we continue to freelance for several publications. Here's a sample of our published work. Courtney's runs first. Beth's follows below:

Courtney Dunham's Portfolio

Courtney is highly collaborative communications director, content strategist, and editor with a proven track record of a successful media, publishing, and public relations career. She offers more than 15 years of creative account management experience, which includes working with companies such as AIRBNB, Harpo Productions, Simon & Schuster, Gannett Publications, Amazon, and content for dozens of consumer lifestyle magazines.

Career highlights include:  Follow-up content and public relations’ strategist for the third-bestselling book/video of all-time, The Secret; winner of 39 awards for Excellence in Writing for Gannett Company; Selected for Amazon Kindle Single, July 2017; Content-driven pitches resulted in placements in O Magazine, Vanity Fair, More, and television placements on the Oprah Winfrey Show, OWN Network, and CNN Heroes.

“Malibu Writer’s Journey” was chosen as one of 180 (out of 141,000) inaugural AIRBNB experiences. Angeles, CA&source=p2&currentTab=experience_tab&searchId=a70d6152-f220-4473-a6e4-a8d0fc40a7df

Garage Girls blog:

More personal published narratives:

Amazon Kindle Single selection for July 2017:

Former blog for Basic Health Publications’ authors:

Column for Live Well magazine: - /0


Recreational Marijuana Thriving in Spokane County

Users embrace legal product, but some retailers worry about quality.

D.I.Y. Weed

Growers say homegrown pot offers more quality control, easy access.

Drinkable Weed

Medicinal power of cannabis can be tapped without smoking.

Cannabis Oil offers alternative cancer fighter

Spokane woman fights cancer with CBD oil.

Trailblazing nurse vows to prevent heart attacks

Innovative heart health and stroke prevention found in Spokane.

Saving Sammy

Liver cancer was no match for a great puppy love.


A wine tour can hit high points.

Color Me Calm

Adult coloring books, classes, and other artistic therapy


Good wines only the start of a good getaway.


EWU Social worker STUDENTS relieve firefighters



Beth Salmon's Portfolio

Beth is passionate about writing about health. As former editor in chief for several monthly, national, consumer magazines, she's written hundreds of feature stories on various wellness topics, including herbs, supplements, healthy cooking, weight loss, alternative medicine, women's health issues, fitness/workouts and aging well.

6 Steps to a MORE Sacred Birth Experience

For women who choose to have a baby, childbirth can be life’s biggest, most profound moment. But often fear permeates the process, taking both mother and baby out of what can be a sacred experience of a new life entering this world. Whether she chooses to deliver at home or in a hospital, a woman can take steps to create a birth that’s more positive and less fear-based, allowing her to marvel in the mystery of life in the process.


Traditionally used by shamans in the Amazon basin, ayahuasca is helping people to overcome addictive behaviors. (Bodhi Tree Journal)

How to Forest Bathe at Work

Stay in touch with nature—and your spirit—by practicing the Japanese art of shinrin-yoku right at your desk. (Bodhi Tree Journal)

Blast Off: 5 Shortcuts to Get Superfit

Our experts reveal their super-speedy shortcuts to get lighter and tighter in 30 days or less.